Digital Asset Custody:

Asset Managers

Secure, compliant and agile digital asset custody coupled with integrated utility serves as the foundation for maximum participation.

Safeguard assets with qualified crypto custody

Your digital assets are kept safe and insured for with a licensed crypto custodian powered by MPC-CMP technology.
Offload liability to a licensed, insured custodian
Fully segregated private keys
24/7 customer support

Limit risk with institutional-grade governance controls

Highly customisable controls to fit your governance needs such as whitelisting, user roles and our proprietary governance quorum policies.
Govern with quorum policies and user roles
Limit risk with bankruptcy remote protections
Transparent reporting, auditing and risk controls

Access deep liquidity opportunities

Retain broad access to liquidity sources for the best opportunities - even in cold custody.
Access aggregated liquidity, even in cold storage
Broad asset support for 1000+ tokens and 40+ chains
In-custody settlement, staking, DeFi access
rakkar institutional custody

Bank-backed crypto custodian meets fast response

Digital asset custody as it should be, only faster.
The industry's average SLA is 48-72 hours, our historical record is 2 hours.  

Faster withdrawals, faster in crisis.
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