Digital Asset Insurance

Assured with active insurance policies

In addition to our certified security architecture, your digital assets in custody are further protected by active insurance policies with deep coverage across multiple events from loss of keys to internal collusion.
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Rakkar's Digital Asset Insurance Coverage

Coverage that matters

Rakkar maintains active insurance policies across custodial risks, professional indemnity and insured liability. This means coverage not just for loss or theft of private keys, insider theft, but also dishonest acts by Rakkar and our insurers' employees or executives.

End-to-end protection

Your digital assets are protected across their entire custodial life cycle with deep coverage from a reputable insurer specialising in digital assets with robust underwriting and technical analytics.

Frequently asked questions

Who and what events are covered by this digital asset insurance policy?

Rakkar's certified security architecture has been designed with multi-layered defence mechanisms to prevent breaches and to ensure a bankruptcy remote environment for our institutional clients. Rakkar sources insurance as an additional layer of protection for the digital assets held in custody, to uphold the trust and assurance we provide for our clients.

Our insurance policy is applicable for all Rakkar clients, where Rakkar holds all private keys to the corresponding wallet and vault. Our digital asset insurance coverage covers a broad range of events including custodial risks such as cases where keys are stolen or lost. It also covers cases where keys are misused by Rakkar employees or executives. In addition, our coverage also takes into account the liability of our insurer to ensure your peace of mind.

What does the insurance not cover?

As a qualified custodian, we bear the responsibility of all private keys and its corresponding digital assets. Thus, all Rakkar clients with an active custodial lifecycle would be entitled to coverage.

How does this compare to the insurance offered by other custodians?

Rakkar offers coverage across a broader spectrum of events, including dishonest acts by Rakkar or our insurers' employees and executives. This offers an extended area of coverage and assurance for counterparty engagement for our institutional clients, on top of the commonly found coverage for custodial risk factors.

Can I purchase additional insurance?

Rakkar collaborates with various insurers to assist clients in purchasing their own additional insurance. This includes additional coverage or other services such as key recovery services.

How would the insurance payout be distributed in the event of an incident?

Proceeds would be distributed in accordance to applicable laws and/or Rakkar's fiduciary responsibilities to its clients.

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