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Institutional digital asset solutions for the digital era

Advance forward safely and securely with Rakkar's digital asset and crypto custody solutions, settlement and everything in between.
Rakkar Digital - Digital Asset Custodian - Architecture


Backed by Asia's large-cap bank VC arm

Rakkar Digital's Investor for Digital Asset Custody - SCB10X by Siam Commercial Bank
Investment arm of Siam Commercial Bank
Founded in 2022, Rakkar has rapidly ascended as Asia's leading qualified digital asset and crypto custodian, distinguished by unparalleled security and institutional trust. Backed strategically by SCB 10X the investment arm of Siam Commercial Bank, Rakkar is at the forefront of delivering bank-calibre security and compliance in the digital asset domain across ASEAN and Hong Kong. Our mission is steadfast: to provide the most secure institutional digital asset and crypto custodian solutions across Asia, driven by innovation and an unwavering commitment to excellence in digital asset management.

licensed & secure

At Rakkar, trust and security are paramount as a licensed and qualified institutional digital asset and crypto custodian. Our adherence to global security standards reinforces our role as a trusted partner in the digital finance landscape, providing our clients with confidence and peace of mind.

license - TCSP

Rakkar Digital Digital Asset Custodian TCSP Licensed

Hong Kong


Rakkar Digital ISO27001 Certified - Digital Asset Custody



Rakkar Digital is SOC2 Type 2 Attested - Digital Asset Custodian

SOC 2 Type 1 & 2

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Digital is the future, and we will advance with you.
Rakkar Digital Founder & CEO Arthit Sriumporn on Ripple
Arthit Sriumporn
Founder & cEO

Clients & partners

Ondo finance

Rakkar Digital Partners Ondo Finance



Rakkar Digital Named Digital Asset Custodian by Maxbit


Rakkar Digital Partners OpenEden


Rakkar Digital Named Digital Asset Custodian by InnovestX


Rakkar Digital Named Digital Asset Custodian by Thai Digital Asset Exchange

leadership team

Creating unparalleled value with best-in-class digital asset and crypto custody solutions

Meet our dynamic team, the catalysts of success in the digital asset and crypto custodian space. In our collaborative and innovative environment, ideas flourish, and transformative solutions emerge. Discover the strategic brilliance behind our team, united by a shared commitment to excellence and a relentless pursuit of success. Celebrate the spirit that distinguishes Rakkar in the crypto custodian industry.
Rakkar Digital - Arthit Sriumporn, Founder & CEO

Arthit Sriumporn

With over 20 years of expertise in the digital asset and traditional finance industries at Siam Commercial Bank and Techcombank, Arthit stands at the forefront, championing trust, security, and strategic agility as he shapes the future with a pioneering spirit.
Rakkar Digital - Thomas Kung, CISO
Chief security officer

Thomas Kung

Recognized among the top 30 cybersecurity leaders in ASEAN by CSO and distinguished by his educational background in law and computing, Thomas plays a pivotal role, where safeguarding data integrity and ensuring confidentiality are paramount as a custodian.
Rakkar Digital - Minh Tran, Head of Product
Head of Product

Minh Tran

An innovation and purpose-driven leader, Minh has over 15 years in orchestrating product management and pioneering digital transformation. As an esteemed leader among Women in Technology, her passion fuels the delivery of strategic initiatives.
Rakkar Digital - Pasit Chaijirapaisarn, Head of Operations
head of Operations

Pasit Chaijirapaisarn

Pasit embodies the essence of a visionary problem solver. With over 14 years of experience in consulting and strategy, he stands at the forefront of customer success alongside our clients playing a pivotal role in the future of blockchain.

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