Availability of Rakkar staking is subjected to local jurisdiction & regulations.
Institutional Staking

Stake & collect rewards

Delegate your assets in custody to stake and earn rewards securely without compromise.
Rakkar Institutional Staking for Finance
in-custody staking

Earn industry-leading rewards from secure custody

Delegate funds directly from qualified custody and achieve best-in-class rewards performance, reporting, insights, slashing track record and MEV-boost activation on ETH, without compromise on asset security.
benefits of rakkar staking

Secure staking

Delegate funds directly from your Rakkar custodial wallets, maximising participation while reducing key exposure to threats.

Self-serve delegation

Delegate seamlessly though Rakkar's web and mobile app to the provider of your choice within our network.

Constant new additions

Stake across Ethereum, Eigenlayer, with support added for new proof-of-stake assets prioritised for institutional demand.

Insured against slashing

Active coverage that safeguards against slashing targeting three layers - double signing, downtime and missed rewards.

Seamless reporting

Extract detailed and usable on-chain staking reports directly from the Rakkar console.

Automatic re-delegation

Automatically re-delegate staking rewards so assets are never left idle. Coming soon.

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